Would you believe 90% of the time you spend working out is WASTED, and at times may even be working against you?

Have you had the "plateau" experience?

Does it make sense to keep working your heart out if you are NOT making any progress? What about losing weight? Did you know that there are only 2 steps to permanent weight loss, and starving and counting calories have nothing to do with it?

What would you give to leave your excess weight behind permanently and be one of those skinny people who can eat whatever they want and never gain an extra pound of fat?

What about becoming one of those skinny people and then packing on some hard defined muscle?

What would you give to be able to build muscle faster than you have in the past while spending as little as one fifth or one sixth the time you have been spending at the gym?

And how is it possible to achieve all this and stay away from unnatural manufactured supplements?

I have the secret. I've worked hard for several years researching and applying, measuring and fine tuning, and I believe I've found the optimum technique. I've used it to make more and faster gains than I have ever made in my life and now I'm offering it to you. The pictures you see are unmodified in any way. After years of working out hitting plateau after plateau, spending months using the same amount of weight, and at times, over a year with no gains in size, I've finally found the technique that works wonders and i only visit the gym once every 14 days.* I've gained more solid muscle in the last 6 months using this technique than I did in the previous 3-1/2 years working 3 nights a week, 3 hours a night, and I've done it all natural. I've never so much as seen a steroid my whole life. I wouldn't know where to look if I wanted them. My technique is not some miracle supplement. It's not some new pill. It's simply a workout technique my spotters and I decided to try. We tweaked and experimented until we felt we had the optimum technique. The gains are awesome, not to mention the schedule!

I enjoy self confidence, dramatically increased strength, and the satisfaction of seeing reflections of myself and being pleased that I am accomplishing my teenage dream of a muscular body. My results are happening fast enough that I can maintain an ongoing level of satisfaction that i am making it happen faster than I've been able to in the past no matter how hard I worked.

The Program

The first time my spotters and I tried this technique, we walked away from the gym almost feeling guilty because we felt like we really hadn't done anything. We were accustomed to the idea of spending 3 hours of hard work 3 nights a week getting totally out of breath, sweating like a horse, and being completely wiped out after a workout. However, the following morning after we tried the new workout, we were so pumped that we realized we were onto something, the likes of which we had never seen nor heard of before.

The next thing we did was try the technique for a whole year, working out less often but seeing better results. Who could have guessed that by making small changes to the routine we could work out even LESS often and get even GREATER and FASTER gains? Well, the ideas came one by one. Based on the way we felt after workouts and the time spent between, we tuned and tweaked the program, and we have found that the fastest gains come from doing the workout in a particular way and waiting as long as 2 full weeks between workouts!*

Believe me, if you wait that long between workouts while working out normally, you may barely maintain or even lose your physique, but you will not make gains. To get the muscle you want with normal workouts and no steroids, you must almost take up residence at your local gym.

Now, if you have 20 years to spare, go ahead and start down your path because you will eventually achieve your goal. I know that from experience. However, I recommend you take all your persistence and determination, and apply it to a program already proven to work better than anything I've tried in over 20 years.

When I say "better" I don't mean just a slight improvement. I mean for all those years I tried and tried but I could never get past a basically athletic-looking body. Now I see myself as a breakthrough in totally natural bodybuilding. The first time I saw my before and after pictures side by side, I couldn't believe the change I'd made in such a short time. "Better" is an understatement. This is something totally different, with totally different results. I almost laugh every time I remind myself how often and how long I have to work out to achieve these gains!

My program also includes a permanent plan to lose weight. You may know from experience that crash diets are very temporary and the minute you stop the weight comes back. My method is permanent and does not involve dieting. It's simple, but not easy. I'll give you two steps to follow. That's all there is. That simple. Doing the steps takes effort, and I mean a lot, but it's permanent. Find out inside! If you take the time and do these two steps you will go directly to your ideal weight and STAY there!

You may be thinking “Yeah, but I will probably have to restrict my diet and only eat the way I’m told for the rest of my life.” That is not the case. You will permanently change your metabolism and literally be one of those people who just remain thin while eating whatever they like! And what could be better ... you don’t even cut your calorie intake DURING the program. You work up a healthy appetite, then EAT UP, BABY. Satisfy yourself! It’s true you must include certain things in your diet, but you are not cutting anything you love to eat. There are no pills or tricks to make your stomach think it’s full after you’ve only consumed a few ounces of food. You just eat until you’re satisfied, and enjoy every delicious bite!

Now remember, even thin people can eat a terrible diet and get as sick as anyone. It’s not a free pass to live on nothing but pie and cake. Your diet has to be balanced and reasonable, but it’s not a “diet” in the typical “weight-loss” sense. You really can eat all you want. Pastas, meats, ice cream, fish, poultry, dairy, really whatever! The simple guidelines are inside. You must follow them, but they do not restrict quality, quantity, or flavor! You mainly have to get off your behind and follow the two steps!

My Testimony

I've worked out on various schedules using various techniques and programs off and on for over 20 years, and I've never believed in using manufactured supplements that supply the body, or alter the body's natural production of substances that stimulates muscle growth. Up until just a couple years ago, the best I could accomplish was a slightly muscled look on a relatively skinny body. Basically, the body you see in the before pics. But guess what? When you look for a solution with persistence as long as I have; YOU FIND IT.

I wanted the body. I did not want unnatural substances. Now I have the body (still improving) and I still have never used the substances!

To give you an idea .. when we started the technique I was barely able to work out with about 190 or 200 pounds on a bench press machine, and what's worse ... I had been using that amount of weight for several months! NOW .. I use a machine that SAYS it has 400 pounds in the stack (must be somewhere in the ball park), and I have two guys bouncing on the handles with their feet off the ground besides the whole stack of weight on the machine.

For legs .. when we started it took everything I had to move 1000 pounds with my quads. Now, I load the machine up with 1350 pounds in 45 pound plates, and I have two guys sitting on the weights. Both guys weigh over 250 pounds. I'm moving nearly 2000 pounds which is almost DOUBLE in that short time, and only working out once every 2 weeks!*

Now if you want to use manufactured (legal) supplements, I can only guess that you will improve even faster than I have. That's up to you whether you want to go that route. The only way I can give this to you straight is from my own experience exactly the way I've done it.

In the emailed .pdf file, you will not find a complicated, lengthy book. The whole thing fits on 16 pages. You get a simple diet plan to support your rapid gains in strength, and a simple but complete outline of the technique you must use to realize these gains. You will also receive a simple weight loss plan that will help you achieve your goals in building and maintaining your physique. It's yours in the next 5 minutes. Good luck!

*For each muscle group entire body can be worked the same day, once every two weeks, or muscle groups can be split between days but still worked only once every 14.


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This upper body program consists of 7 exercises outlined in detail on just two pages. You can read the whole thing in 10 minutes then use it as a guide as you start on your path to a great muscular physique. The schedule is awesome! Just 3 exercises in the morning and 4 in the evening twice a week.


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  1. Nathan from UtahJuly 8, 2010 at 6:50 PM

    For me I've been working out good for about 4 months the other way. lifting 3-4 days a week and cardio 3 times a week. So I'd say I'm in ok shape and it beat me up pretty good.

    I think its a awesome way of breaking through those plateaus everyone hits after working out for a couple months.

    Your workout beat me up pretty good. I feel pumped.

  2. Jewel from New JerseySeptember 9, 2010 at 1:30 PM

    My husband has always had a nice body, but after being on this program, he is ripped beyond belief and his muscles are bigger and sexier than ever before.I can't wait to try it myself!!!

  3. Jeffrey from Lansing, MichiganSeptember 9, 2010 at 1:36 PM

    I went from flabby to Rock Hard in about 6 months with the techniques that i learned in this book and my wife loves it.

    Thank You Intelligent Workouts

  4. Im still fat:( im eating cake and ice cream like you said i could. Do you like bigger woman cuz i really wanna get with that guy in the pic

  5. If you want to get with the guy in the pic then why are you anonymous? Maybe he likes big fat women who eat lots of ice cream and cake.

  6. I like big women and i love ice cream and cake, let's get together

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